Declare Conditions

1.Registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China according to laws and have independent legal personality;

2.Key enterprises engaging in the research and development, production, circulation and services of biomedical field;

3.Have conducted businesses related to service trade with foreign institutions or enterprises, such as research, development and industrialization, outsourcing services, human resources and international exchanges;

4.Have obtained the qualifications to conduct relevant businesses according to relevant regulations or have conducted examination and approval or filing;

5.In recent five years, there is no serious violations of laws and regulations, or major safety accidents.

Key Contact Enterprises Directory of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Biomedical Services) Enterprise Declaration Outline

I. Basic information of the enterprise

Including: Establishment time and place of the enterprise, business types, service target and coverage, situation of the branches, enterprise nature, enterprise scale, position in the industry, listing of the enterprise, the number of the employees, etc.

II. Business introduction of the enterprise

Including: Business development and evolution of the enterprise, profits model introduction, introduction about business types and contents, the situation about biomedical service trade in recent years (including main service contents, service target, service scale, method, charging, etc.).

III. Qualification honors of the enterprise

Rewards, certificates, reward funds and others obtained about the industry and relevant fields.

IV. Patent situation

Domestic and international patents obtained in the biomedical field, new drug certificates, including the obtained certificate of authorization or transfer certificate.

V. Typical cases about international business or international cooperation

List 2 to 3 typical cases about the international business and cooperation of the enterprise, including characteristics, contents, methods and influences of the cooperation.

VI. Operation and management mechanisms of the enterprise

Introduction of the main management system of the enterprise, management structure and relevant introduction about the person in charge

VII. Incomes of the enterprise in the recent two years (total operating incomes)

VIII. Amount of import and export about the service trades of the enterprise in recent one year

List the amount of service trade import and export and distribution in 2016 respectively, and please put forward instructions separately if there are special matters.

IX. Future development planning of the enterprise and other matters need to be explained

X. Evidentiary material list in the annex

1. Industrial and commercial business license (copy)

2. Tax registration certificate (copy)

3.Organization code certificate (copy)

4.Biomedical business license (filing) (copy)

5. Patent certificate and honor qualification certificate (copy)

6. Annual accounting reports in recent two years and other evidentiary materials (copy)

7. Commodity or service operation license involving administrative licensing (copy)

(The above copies should be affixed with company seal)